top low cost franchise

Anytime Fitness is recognised as a top-ranked, low cost franchise across all industries. Both our initial franchise fee and ongoing monthly fees are extremely affordable, lowering the barrier of entry for club ownership.

low initial investment

We would provide you with in-depth information regarding the costs and expenses you can plan to incur when developing an Anytime Fitness club. These are estimates based upon the actual experience of ourselves and our franchisees, but they can vary by area of the country. To receive the sa id information, please submit an enquiry.

The total estimated investment for each Anytime Fitness franchise ranges from ₹ 1 Cr. to ₹1.5 Cr. Based on your financials, budget and cash flow, your upfront costs can be minimized by various methods and spreading your build-out costs into your monthly lease (although this may increase your rent).

controlling expenses

A key business strategy with Anytime Fitness is to keep your expenses low. Our compact facilities incorporate a simple interior design so you may not have to spend a lot on leasehold improvements, and our franchise fees are fixed and much lower in comparison to other franchises. Keep in mind that expenses will vary based on the economics of your area, but our streamlined operations process may help you shave costs. Our experienced team can also assist you in dealing with landlords, equipment representatives, and other industry vendors.

Here's a list of the greatest expenses typical clubs have and how we can help lower them:

monthly lease

Lease negotiations can be tenuous. Deciding on a lease option can be daunting if you lack experience in dealing with building owners. Our experienced franchise consultants can support you through this phase of development.