bleed purple

We have a dynamic mix of elements that make up our culture. It starts with a shared vision and mission, and it reaches down into the very DNA of our employees, franchisees, and partners. We live by the credo, “Bleed purple!” And many of us even go so far as to personally brand ourselves with the Anytime Fitness Running Man logo.

Our vision, while simply stated, is far-reaching and ambitious,
and it guides our actions each day.

Improve the self-esteem of the world.

You may think, “Why would a fitness company care about self-esteem?” The answer is easy: we can’t imagine anything that’s more important, especially when it comes to achieving health and fitness goals or owning a business that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Self-esteem is central to everything a person does, and it can be the difference between success and failure, being positive or negative, and feeling happy or sad.

Ultimately, self-esteem affects how a person feels about themselves and their worth. And helping people feel better about themselves is at the heart of our business.

mn business magazine: 2013 top workplace

our mission

Our mission is also simple and concise. It helps us remain focused on the tasks at hand, and it encourages us to find innovative ways of moving toward our company goals and attaining our vision. Our mission is to…

Enrich lives through better health, convenience, community, and
inspiration-driven franchise ownership.

Our mission is fulfilled each time a member achieves their wellness goals. Our mission is fulfilled each time we open an affordable, welcoming, and conveniently-located club in a new neighborhood. Our mission is fulfilled each time a club owner achieves a balanced lifestyle while still owning a thriving business. The collective success of our members, communities, and franchisees entirely determines the success of our mission.

mn business magazine: 2012 top workplace

our goals

The goals shown below are posted by every desk in our corporate headquarters. These goals are a priority for all, and we strive daily for their attainment.

Focus on our members.

The success of our business is directly linked to the satisfaction of our members, and we are continually taking steps to enhance the member experience at our clubs. We do this through a variety of initiatives, including: a floor-to-ceiling interior design transformation, to create a more welcoming and inviting space for the optimal workout environment; social media outreach and access, to create a closer-knit community of members and fitness enthusiasts; and an improved focus on engagement that will keep our members motivated and committed to regular exercise.

Increase the financial performance of every club.

We are in the business of enriching lives. But our ability to impact lives rests, in large part, on the financial success of our franchisees, the individuals who are at the front-line of delivering the Anytime Fitness culture to our 2 million+ members. To support our franchisees, we work tirelessly to refine and improve the resources we provide, with a focus on technology that improves communication and efficiency, increased access to training and information, and developing superstar employees who are committed to seeing results.

Deliver our company culture.

As a company, we work to embody the core elements of our culture in all our interactions with members and franchisees, because we firmly believe that our culture starts with us. And in our clubs, we know it’s not enough to offer our members the most convenient, clean, and state-of-the-art fitness centers, we also strive to deliver a memorable and enjoyable experience—something we call club culture. The essence of the Anytime Fitness club culture can be found in five main qualities: education, inspiration, caring, personal attention, and fun.

People, Purpose, Profits, Play

At Anytime Fitness, we feel that true success is not measured only in dollars and cents. We believe that real profits are gained through a return on emotional investment. We invest in people so they can continue to discover better health, together. We want to be alongside you when you search for enriched purpose. And of course, we want to be your partners in crime when it comes time to play!