See all details regarding re-opening, schedules and FAQ below.

Enhanced Safety Measures







The Cleaning Protocols have been established to keep the members, guests and staff safe. Professional Cleaners are hired to maintain such cleaning standards. 

During this lockdown, the Teams on floor have involved themselves in extensive Training so that they can ensure complete safety of their Members and Guests when the Clubs Reopen. Such Teams will ensure that the entire facility is cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals and with a high-grade medical product.


The number of Hygiene Stations have been increased on the floor. The Club is equipped with cleanliness communication and hygiene tips, so as to ensure that individuals are safe during their workout or visit hours on floor. 



All workout zones have been rigorously worked upon and have been decked up in a way where members with the support of Trainers can reach their individual health goals. You may find certain markings, signs and posters throughout the club, that will assist you with the Social Distancing.

Depending on the area and count of equipment on floor few machines might have been relocated. In cases where moving of the equipment was not possible it might have been tagged with ‘Out-of-Order Temporarily’ signage. There would also be markings on the floor to show the space an individual can use. 

If you are not sure about where the equipment has been relocated or which machine has been restricted temporarily for the workout purpose, then please reach to the Staff for required assistance. 


The Team on floor has been trained to set the Cooling and Ventilation Mechanism in such a way that it meets both the recommended Government Standards and Safety Protocol. 

All such installed cooling systems would be regularly disinfected.


A Gym Reservation System has been developed at Club level to help you book your slots, so that the headcount on floor can be controlled in a way to support the much required Social Distancing. 

In case where the Slot-booking mechanism is not applicable, it is suggested to wait for the Club Staff to reach you. Also ensure to keep hold of your emails and messages so that the reopening related communications from your Home-Club reaches you. 

Members are requested to get their Email Ids registered with their respective Clubs to ease-out the communication, so that we together can support each other to reach health & Fitness goals.


Yes, we are opening responsibly. We are following all the standard operating procedures to reopen our gyms and making sure you get the safest gyms in your area. Frequency of Sanitization would be ensured accordingly in such areas.

  • Our dedicated cleaning teams are consistency cleaning throughout the day, and conducting a deep clean every night after our clubs close.
  • All Clubs have been equipped with additional cleaning and sanitizing products.
  • All members and staff are being educated to practice good hygiene with regular hand washing, hand sanitisers, social distancing and staying home if feeling unwell.
  • All equipment is being thoroughly sanitized after each session.
  • Each club has a dedicated staff appointed who is responsible to monitor, inspect and manage all protocols being adhered to.
  • We also encourage members to download the Government COVID Arogya Setu app that may be required upon your visit to the club.
  1. We are following Government guidance and may be operating restricted hours initially to ensure the health and safety of our members with regards to cleanliness in our clubs. Hence, kindly visit your respective club website for more details.

Yes, before you come back to Anytime Fitness Club we ask that you read and understand our new conditions of entry and complete the below COVID-19 health screening.

By entering the club, you accept these conditions of entry.

  • Sanitize your hands upon entry and exit
  • Punch your keyfob every time you enter
  • Bring a full-size gym towel – no towel, no train
  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Wipe down all equipment before and after use
  • Keep your distance from other members and staff.
  • Having my temperature checks by the club representative

COVID-19 health screening:

  • You will follow all reasonable prophylactic steps that may be recommended by Anytime Fitness Club, staff and/or by government authorities.
  • You do not have any symptoms associated with COVID-19 eg fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, sneezing/runny nose or loss of sense of smell
  • You do not have COVID-19 nor are you awaiting the results from being tested for COVID-19
  • You have not been in contact with any known or suspected cases of COVID-19
  • You have not returned or been in contact with anyone else who has returned, from overseas in the past 14 days.

Disciplined safety measures have been incorporated to ensure everyone’s safety.

The Reservation System tool has been launched to control the optimum count on the floor at a given point of time. You can book your slot by visiting anytimefitness.co.in .Your keyfob will still grant you access in the same way as always, but you may need to reserve your workout time in advance – check with your local club if this is necessary.

We ask all members to be mindful of others working out in the gym, respecting each-other’s space and following Government guidelines of 2m where possible and at least 1m+.

It is up to your local gym to decide what happens with regards to members that are found to consistently breaking the rules. We do not want to ban any members but we are taking the health and safety of everyone in the gym very seriously and hope you do too.

Social Distancing is the utmost priority for us, henceforth we have done required marking in our gyms to make sure social distancing is maintained.

The optimum frequency of cleaning would be maintained. After every slot-visit the cleaning process would be initiated. Rest we are making sure any guidelines which will be issued by the government are followed. tent

We understand that the global pandemic of COVID-19 has created unforeseen circumstances and concerns for many people. Please contact your club to discuss your individual situation. Freeze and Cancellation terms and conditions will apply as per membership agreement.

Please contact your home club to get the resolution of your concerns. Kindly visit the website https://www.anytimefitness.co.in to locate your club contact details.

Yes you can. PT sessions will continue, however these will be conducted with the appropriate social distancing measures in place and no physical contact.

Each and every club zone is safe. And, optimum frequency of sanitization would be ensured

The optimum number of members in a Group Class would be shared; wherein safety of each individual would be taken into consideration.

Temperature setting of all the AC devices to be in the range of 24 Degree – 30 Degree C. Relative humidity to be in the range of 40-70%. Cross ventilation to be adequately ensured and replacement of air by use of exhaust fans. Frequently air sanitization by regular cleaning & sanitations of air filters of indoor units.

It is always suggested to carry your personal basic safety kit.

It is recommended to carry the personal Mat if possible; otherwise sanitized Mats are always available on the floor.

Yes, it is suggested for yours and others safety.

We ask all our members to contribute to keeping our clubs clean and tidy by using our hygiene stations, washing your hands upon entry to the club and wiping equipment down before and after use. Please do not leave any personal belongings around the gym, such as water bottles or towels.

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Thank you for being a valued member of our AF community